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Zoe Darazsdi, M.S., N.C.C. provides lectures and workshops intended for professionals in a variety of settings including colleges and universities, primary/secondary schools, medical facilities, non-profit organizations, mental health care agencies, and corporate workplaces. She utilizes her knowledge as an autism researcher and her experiences with autsitic self-advocacy to create an engaging and informed presentation.  

Please contact Zoe Darazsdi at 570-832-5129 or to discuss how she can collaborate with your institution.

Most Requested Topics:

Zoe presenting her research at Villanova’s Third Annual Graduate Research Symposium


Zoe Darazsdi is a researcher and writer whose focus is on empowering the neurodivergent community she is part of. Her work has been published in notable academic journals and other online resources.  

Darazsdi, Z. & Bialka, C. (in review) "Oh, you couldn't be autistic": Examining anti-autistic bias and self-esteem in the therapeutic alliance". Autism.

Darazsdi, Z. (2022) Movement-oriented SEL might just improve student learning. Education Week.

Soutter, M., Ly, C.N., Dennis, D., Darazsdi, Z., Adams, A. (in press). “They forgot about it because we're all dispersed.”: Online school influence on transformative social-emotional learning. Journal of Educators Online.

Acknowledged in: Ly, C. N., & Soutter, M. (2022). Technological pedagogical content knowledge framework as a lens for transformative social and emotional learning online: A perspective. In V. Shinas, C. Ly, & S. Ozden (Ed.), Cases on practical applications for remote, hybrid, and hyflex teaching (pp. 71-87). IGI Global.

Darazsdi, Z. (2020) Book review: My Brother Otto. Neuroclastic.